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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, which causes heel pain, is one of the most common conditions treated in my office. In fact, most people at some point after the age of 45 have heel pain either transient or chronic. Similar to "weakness of the eyes" and the need for reading glasses after the age of 45, the plantar fascia also gets weaker and begins to "fray" or tear where it inserts into the heel.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not advocate "stretching" the plantar fascia. The condition exists because the plantar fascia is unable to stretch. Occasionally patients will say that they did improve with stretching, but in fact they improved in spite of stretching not because of it.

Like other soft tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis is treated with tape immobilization and will resolve in about 4-6 weeks. Patients MUST avoid going barefoot as this causes "bowstringing" of the fascia and repeated re-injury. Clogs are recommended for men and a wedge shoe with an elevation of 1.5" for women to support the fascia and prevent it from tearing.

Plantar fasciitis should always be treated conservatively and does not require surgery. For long term support of the plantar fascia, orthotic devices are recommended.

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